Tu ZhiYun Chairman & CEO of 51credit.com

Master of statistics at Stanford University, MBA at the University of California-Berkeley, Dr. at People's University-Institute of Fin

Chief Consultant in Greater China Region for Trans UnionAdvantage(TUA)- decision making & products division, led the business of personal financial risk management in Hong Kong and mainland of China.( Trans Union Advantage is a joint venture company of U.S. credit bureau TransUnion and Australia credit bureau Baycorp Advantage.)

Senior Marketing Scientists in Digital Impact (world-class data marketing company, listed on the Nasdaq), focused on one-to-one database marketing.

Project Manager in Fair Isaac (the world's leading credit risk management company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange), has developed FICO credit score, which was adopted as the standard for consumer credit risk management industry, and used by almost all financial institutions in North America.